Underground storage tanks often go unnoticed and forgotten. You should ensure that the home you plan on purchasing does not contain an underground oil tank.   At HomeSafe we check for obvious signs of buried oil tanks, such as pipes coming through the basement wall/floor or fill pipes at the grade.  A tank scan is the most effective way to ensure there is no tank on the property.  Any disclosers by the homeowner to the presence or removal of a tank can be affirmed by a tank scan.  Secure any paperwork including removal certifications and inspections from the seller.  If the presence of an underground tank is confirmed make sure you have insurance against its failure.  Take a policy out before you close.

What is involved:

Underground Oil Tank SweepThe HomeSafe technician will inspect the inside of the home for clues that may indicate a past or current oil tank. Items like an oil fired furnace, shut off switches that served oil burners, copper lines exiting the foundation and concrete lines across the floor are some of the items we inspect for.

We use a Schonstedt Maggie Locator and scan the grounds around the perimeter of the foundation searching for underground tanks. The Maggie is able to sence a metallic object up to a depth of eight (8) feet.


Cost for this service is $295.00 plus applicable  sales tax.  Let our office staff know if you have a coupon or other advertised special.

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The U.S. Environmental Agency’s website (www.epa.gov/swerust1/) is a good source of information for Underground Storage Tanks.

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